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Get to know us!

Coffee, books, travel ~ did we mention coffee, and a lifelong friendship that spans close to a half-century, Melissa and Miriam have shared many life experiences.  

Their first partnership opportunity spanned two summers working at a church camp together shepherding teenage girls through fun and sometimes harrowing times, including a resident mouse that probably lives in the cabin to this day. Working in the kitchen they found they had complementary skill sets. Melissa handled things on the lower shelves and all the hot griddle situations and Miriam handled the high shelves and whacking spiders. At times they’ve attended the same church, traveled to the Czech Republic and Paris together, and provided training to parents and children’s church teachers.

Over the years their lives have run parallel but different courses, yet through it all, it has remained a life-giving, edifying friendship.   In 2022, it became increasingly obvious that now was the time to pursue working together on a more formal basis. While their skill sets have sharpened, they still find a good cup of coffee fuels great conversation and their partnership.

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Melissa Austin

Co-Founder & Coach

Melissa finds joy as children grow socially, emotionally, academically, and spiritually. For 25 years she was hands-on in this process as an elementary school teacher.  She also coordinated the Children's Special Needs Ministry at her church.  Now Melissa is equipping adults to guide children to learn and become critical thinkers.

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Miriam Taylor

Co-Founder & Coach

Miriam's greatest joy is found in guiding people to discover their God-given gifts and grow them in ways only he knew possible. For the past almost 30 years, she's followed this passion. She's worked in education and spent many years growing a small business within the learning and development industry as well as lots of informal mentoring along the way. 

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