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Children's Ministry Development and Training

Areas Of Focus:

  • Learning Focus: Develop a scope and sequence for your Children’s Ministry teaching.  Unpack the Children's Minsitry curriculum and create an implementation plan.

  • Creating Thinkers - Strategies to help your children to not only develop the skills of critical  thinking, but also to be able to articulate their thinking.

  • Student Engagement:  Strategies to help your children to be actively engaged in their learning.

  • Ministering to Families of Special Needs Children - Coming along side of families with special needs children to support and encourage them.

  • Ministering to Special Needs Children - Strategies to help special needs children participate in their age level programming.

  • Other


To learn more, or purchase and schedule a package on this page please click the button below.

30 Minute FREE Consultation

Meet with us for a free 30 minute consultation to get the conversation started and to identify how we can support you and the best package to accomplish it.

Strategic Planning

This package includes:

  • 1 Hour Goal Setting Meeting

  • 3 Hour Work Session

  • 1 Hour Reflection and Next Steps Planning Meeting

Children's Ministry Training

1 Hour Training Focused on Children's Ministry Area of Focus

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