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Life and Personal Development Coaching

Based on our years of experience in learning and development, we've created a coaching model that is built on best practices, flexible enough to fit each individual and produces measurable results. 

Here are the overall steps we'll walk through together:

  • Determine your strengths based on your gifting and passions, as well as life experience

  • Explore where you want to go and set measurable goals

  • Co-create an action plan

  • Apply the appropriate coaching tools and resources

  • Evaluate for accountability and success

  • Celebrate!


To learn more, or purchase and schedule a package on this page please click the button below.

30 Minute Consultation


Meet with us for a free 30 minute consultation to get the conversation started and to identify how we can support you and the best package to accomplish it.

Explore Package

This short 3 session package is intended to inspire you to:

  • Explore who you are

  • Determine where you are now

  • Decide where you want to go

New Direction Package

This 6 session package includes:

  • 1-hour deep dive to determine the specific focus of our work

  • 4 1-hour coaching sessions

  • 1-hour growth evaluation and celebration session

Bold Course Package

This 3 month* package includes:
1-hour deep dive to determine the scope and framework for our work
10 1-hour coaching sessions
4 15-minute check-in via phone, text, or email
1-hour growth evaluation and next steps planning session
*Time is approximate

Personalized Package


Work with the coaches to develop a package that meets your needs.

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