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Offering Specialized Services for Entrepreneurs

Turning your expertise into revenue just got a whole lot easier.

You've probably seen the sky-rocketing trend of small business owners and coaches packaging their content into online courses.

Do you have some great things to share but feel overwhelmed by the prospect of creating online content? 

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No gimmicky courses

Are you tired of seeing the social media ads promising to make money if you create an online course-- Only to discover they just tell you to make videos?

Are you overwhelmed trying to decide what platform to sell on and or have no experience marketing your courses? 

Miriam has over 25 years of experience developing engaging, creative courses based on best practices for online learning. Your participants will walk away ready to apply their new expertise and anxious to come back and learn more from you. 

She's uniquely qualified and passionate about helping you bring your expertise to the larger world. 


Miriam Taylor

Co-founder & Coach

Beginning in 2004, Miriam ran a small business creating online courses for education professionals. After 10 years, she sold her company and went to work for a local learning company with a world-wide reach. Leading the learning team she oversaw the creation of literally thousands of online courses and has worked with some of most creative learning experts in the business. In fact, she still serves as a strategy consultant with them because she still believes in the power of learning to create opportunity and change lives.

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