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Small Business Coaching

With our deep experience in the small business world, our coaches are able to guide you through all aspects of launching or growing a business. We often find ourselves in the role of a consultant within this service as we provide a model to follow, a curated list of resources and materials as well as community connections to ensure success.


To learn more, or purchase and schedule a package on this page please click the button below.

30 Minute Consultation


Meet with us for a free 30 minute consultation to get the conversation started and to identify how we can support you and the best package to accomplish it.

Focus Package

This 7 session package includes:

  • 2 1-hr sessions focused on your unique gifts and abilities

  • 4 1-hr business model overview and planning sessions

  • 11-hr wrap-up & next steps planning session

Launch Package

This 12 session package includes:

  • 1-hour deep dive to determine the scope and framework for our work

  • Referrals to other partners depending on needs such as financial or website development

  • 10 1-hour coaching sessions

  • 4 15-minute check-in via phone, text, or email

  • 1-hour growth evaluation and next steps planning session

Growth Package

Custom: Price dependent on scope of engagement

Is your organization struggling with growth? Do you need to figure out how to work on business and organizational development? Our coaches will:

  • Complete a deep dive needs assessment to determine areas of focus

  • Do a full review of your business

  • Co-create a strategic plan with you that aligns with your business objectives

  • Meet monthly to review progress and help you get unstuck

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